Ternion Mission

TERNION believes that the mind is a vastly over looked part of an athlete’s training regime. The mind dictates the decision making process and all motion related to it. These are the athlete’s two most powerful weapons during competition. So it only leaves to reason that the mind must be trained to be the sharpest tool at the athlete’s disposal.

Team TERNION understands that Body and Sport performance metrics cannot be maximized without the Mind. Thus, our approach is to stimulate adaption through the Mind, Body and Sport continuum. TERNION understands that if we want our athletes to be prepared mentally and physically for competition they must be trained with a purpose.  Training with focused intension will increase performance efficiencies by eliminating muscular overcompensation and energy leakage within the human kinetic chain.  Our training progressions will focus on activities that target increasing thresholds on the body and connective tissues so the body can handle stresses of the sport without acute and chronic breakdown and/or injury.  In other words, the degree of physical, physiological, mental and performance/skill adaptation that occur during training is strongly related to the mechanical specificity, neuromuscular control, mental development, metabolic specificity, and sport specific skill development.  The Mind, Body and Sport continuum is always in a state of adaptation.  Our focus is to provide a stimulus for positive adaptations to produce a complete athlete tuned to successfully compete under stressors of competition.

Sports did not create man, man created sports. Sports are invented, physical competitive games of adversity that take us outside of our comfort zone. The component of sport is an outlet, learning tool and ultimate form of personal expression. From a caveman’s prospective there is nothing natural about our most popular and modern day sports. We do not take a hike in the in the middle of the woods and come across a parquet basketball floor or a turf soccer/football field. The job of a trainer/coach is to train the athlete to adapt from what is unnatural and make it natural, an athlete’s sport is the sum result of their preparation and competitive efforts.

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