In the most simplistic terms, Ground Based Sports Speed is defined by how fast an athlete can get from Point A. to Point B. in the most efficient and productive way possible.  But, the concept behind speed is more complicated than just simple displacement.  It’s not just how fast someone can move or run but is predicated on the foundation necessary to maximize that displacement.  Thus, it is critical that the athletes have the foundational stability, mobility, strength, and neuromuscular excitation and control to generate explosive power to accelerate from a stationary and/or already moving position.

Ground Based Sports Speed can be linear (straight ahead), multi-plane and/or angular in direction.  An explosive First Step is crucial for generating enough acceleration to reach maximal speeds and the administration of acceleration/deceleration, and/or combination of controlled change of tempos while moving is essential for effective ground based multidirectional sports speed performance.

Limiting factors for Sports Speed are ground surfaces, footwear, body weight, body type, and air resistance, proportion of fast twitch muscle fiber types, metabolic conditioning, and/or speed economy and mechanics.


START SPEED (powerful reactive first step)
Is the ability of an athlete to go from a non-moving state (stationary / stopped / static) and into to mobile and/or moving state (momentum).  First Step performance is maximized by reaction, power and mechanics and is extremely crucial for ground-based sports.


Is the ability of the athlete to react explosively to reach maximal speed in the most efficient, productive and shortest amount of time and under complete control.


Covers the stability, strength, mobility, flexibility, and joint range of motion and overall athletic movement mechanics of the athlete. Athletes who maximize freedom of movement (without restrictions and/or overcompensations) will be in proper position, base of support, posture, center of mass, optimal joint stiffness / range of motion to generate maximal explosive power to accelerate, maintain and transition ground based sports speed and assure a high level of consistent performance.


Sports Speed Endurance is the ability to maintain maximum high-end speeds while performing repetitive bouts of linear and/or multi-plane speed without becoming fatigued enough where movement is compromised.   Speed Endurance is predicated on time, intensity, type and duration of training/programming and is maximized by enhancing the three specific metabolic energy systems in the body (ATP-CP, Anaerobic Glycolysis, Aerobic Glycolysis) and/or any combination of each.

  • Multidirectional First Step Mechanics
  • Linear Speed (straight ahead speed) Mechanics
  • Multi-plane Sports Speed Mechanics – Acceleration / Maintenance / Deceleration (Transitional Speed)
    • Vector (multi-directional straight lines)
    • Curve (multi-directional curvature)
    • Pivots and Rotational Turns
    • Combination of All (Vector / Pivots-Rotational Turns / Curve)

Base of Support (BOS) and Center of Mass (COM) and/or the ability to quickly move within and/or outside ones BOS and COM.


Strength and its quick transfer to Power(Generating high amount of Force in the quickest way possible)
Maintaining Static and Transitional Stability (Core Stability) to transfer power from the core/upper body to the hips (hip mobility) and low body.
Bilateral Movement (Balance and/or Control & Maintenance of generated Torque within Body)


(Web matrix of fascia / muscle / tendon elasticity)


(Hip/Knee/Ankle Triple Flexion) ability to lower ones Center of Gravity to Generate Eccentric Load and/or Absorb, Stop, Land and/or Decouple and Recoil that stored load during Change of Direction and/or Second Jump.


(Footwork that maintains Base of Support and Center of Mass)
Maintain visual Line of Site and/or Vestibular & Proprioceptive / Kinesthetic awareness


(Deceleration, stopping, landing and/or change of direction mechanics)
80% of Ground Based Injuries occur during stopping, changing direction and/or landing

Foundation of developing Maximal Sports speed is via the development of Stability, Flexibility, Mobility, Strength, Power, Speed Mechanics and Specific Metabolic Conditioning. This foundation will allow athlete to move without restriction (overcompensation) and/or Energy Leakage within the Body’s Kinetic Chain.

Develop the ability to Read, Recognize and React to Internal and/or External Stimuli


(To assure maximum Athletic Performance)

Teach athlete how to move and not just get them to move (Quality before Quickness) to develop the motor skills necessary to maximize efficient and productive movement while developing a durable and injury resistant body to improving overall performance.

Develop the appropriate Stability, Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength to Power to excite the neuromuscular elastic properties of the body to generate the quickest amount of Force possible.  To use these this foundation to teach the skill of First Step mechanics to Accelerate and Maintain Momentum and Top End Speed. To use the athletes strength/mobility foundation to teach Deceleration, Absorption, Stopping, Landing and/or Change Direction in the most efficient, productive and safest way possible

Develop appropriate energy systems to generate the quickness and speed endurance to assure efficient and productive repetitive movement over time, training and/or competition.  This approach will lower the probability of non-contact, self-inflicted injury when it’s most common – during states of extreme fatigue.

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