Football Training

Football positions are characterized by three categories:

  1.  Offensive & Defensive Lineman
  2.  Combo: including: Linebackers, Tight Ends, Fullbacks, Safeties
  3.  Skill Positions: including Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Defensive Backs, Wide Receivers

Because of the diversity of position-to-position movement skills – of all popular sports, football requires the most comprehensive approach to Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Performance Enhancement Training.  Training for Football has to be more comprehensive than virtually any other sport. Not only does Football require different types of strength, Power Speed skills, the athlete requirements vary from position to position and are compounded by person-to-person contact and high impact collisions that can dramatically increase the chances for injury.

The number one priority is to keep the athletes on the field.  Thus, Acute and Chronic Injury Reduction is the ultimate goal.

This is accomplished first by identifying Movement Dysfunctions (i.e. Functional Movement Screen) and then immersing the athlete in the program to address and correct movement these liabilities.  This is accomplished by building the athlete from the foundation up via the following training categories and progressions:

  1. Functional Movement Screen (predictive qualitative analysis of Movement)
  2. Functional Core Stabilization / Balance / Proprioception
  3. Functional Mobility / Flexibility
  4. Functional Strength Endurance (Hypertrophy)
  5. Maximum Strength (converted to Power)
  6. Maximize Lean Muscle to Fat Ratio
  7. Increase Bone Density and Strength of Connective Tissues
  8. Power
  9. Maximal Multi-plane Speed / Agility / Quickness / Reaction
  10. Plyometrics
  11. Metabolic Conditioning – interval training (Anaerobic alactic & lactic Energy Systems Development)
  12. Position Specific
  13. Rest / Restoration / Recovery / Nutrition
  14. Supplemental (Yoga, Pilate)

Football is a game of movement, speed, power and the ability to get low.  If an athletes can not move, apply (leverage) their strength / power with speed and quickness, they will not be able to compete or last on the field.  A comprehensive Position to Position Strength & Conditioning Program will stimulate adaptation toward developing a durable injury resistant body and to maximize efficient, productive, and powerful athletic movement and performance on the field.

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