Basketball is a multi direction and multi plane game that requires speed, strength, quickness, coordination, rhythm and mental acumen; all while interacting with teammates, opponents and trying to control an object (basketball). The athlete is required to process mass amounts of information in fraction of second, which will produce an outcome that is successful or not. So for the athlete to have the best chance to be successful two basic things must happen; first the athlete must be able to move their body properly and efficiently while maintaining mental clarity; second the fundamentals of the sport must be learned, continually honed and eventually mastered.

TERNION takes pride in being able to teach any athlete how to improve. We have a new millennium athlete that communicates different and as teachers and coaches we must figure out how to bridge and cross that gap of communication. This is where TERNION excels, finding that opening and figuring out how to teach the athlete not only HOW, but more importantly “WHY”. Once the athlete understands “why” they begin to own it, and once they own it a different level of focus, understanding and drive begin to surface.

What we’ve seen in athletics in the last quarter century is an improvement in athleticism, unfortunately we haven’t seen the same advances in the realm of fundamental skill Development. The fundamentals are the baseline of skill and movement. They need to be practiced on a daily basis to first master them, but also keep them sharp.

TERNION offers fundamental skill mastery and understanding. This will be accomplished through drills with slow movement then increasing to full speed.

Body movement mastery is imperative… This is best taught without the ball at first and slowly implement the ball as the skill is mastered.

T3RNION’S training philosophy is to simplify fundamental Athletic Movement Mechanics from Basic to Complex. By teaching  Fundamentals within the framework of The Long-Term Athletic Development Model, for the purpose of establishing a progressive approach for a seamless transfer of Adaptive Injury Resiliency, Efficient Athletic Movement, Mechanics, and to transfer this unconscious movement ability for a smooth transition into Sports Specific Skill Mastery, and Tactical Competitive Development.

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